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 AspLib Testimonials
I like the AspLib because you have libraries that any web developer need.

A. C., New Technology Winds
The AspLib component library is convenient and eliminates extra coding and validation library.

M. A., Fish Richardson P.C.
Your product is really great, I think you have the best product for its value on the market...

L. A., Videotron
Editor is Great! It is amazingly simple to apply to existing or new pages and works great. What a great time saver. Visual Studio allows us to look good to our clients by allowing us to deliver great applications more quickly. Editor makes us look even better.
I wanted to tell you people that I’m VERY impressed with the controls and examples you provided. Most companies fail to understand that while they know how the controls work, new users do not. Nice job on giving us a jump start.
Your product is amazing. Being in the web development from the beginning of the web, for about ten years, I instantly recognized the amount of work you had put in it, even in IE version alone - however, to achieve the same pixel-precise results in other browsers is really breathtaking.
AspLib controls opened a new dimension for my .NET development and helped us exceed our clients expectations. Now, we have more time to focus on our applications' specific requirements beside having richer user interface.
The library looks just excellent! We have experience with several UI libraries for .NET and I can say that AspLib is pretty handy to use and offers an excellent functionality for a good price.
Every control I've used has been a tremendous asset to me as I speed to deployment of solutions for clients.

M. J.
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7/10/2006 - Changes between 4.2 and 4.3 AspLib component library versions
This article contains instruction to update your applications to use the AspLib component library 4.3 version.
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9/14/2005 - Component layout in TabControl tabs
This article is concerned with the method of component layout on the TabControl tab and of getting an access to them from the page code.
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7/20/2005 - Creation of custom HtmlDropDown
This article deals with creation of the component for selecting a credit card type on the basis of AspLib HtmlDropDown control.
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4/22/2005 - BinaryImage inside. Basic concepts.
This article describes some concepts which are used to create AspLib’s component BinaryImage. You can create your own similar component using this description.
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4/2/2005 - How to upgrade a project from the AspLib version 2 to the AspLib version 3
What is the easiest way of updating existing applications which were developed with the AspLib 2.x to AspLib 3 without rewriting the application, but still retaining all the existing functionality?
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3/17/2005 - Deployment of the AspLib component library
Deployment of the AspLib component library v3 instruction.
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