The best tank games on PC

There are many tank games to choose from, such is there popularity. What could more fun than razing whole buildings in a machine weighing the same as ten elephants? Tense firefights, being your enemy’s prime target and the reload-time agony, make tank games nerve-wracking and exciting in equal measure. However, getting the right gameplay isn’t as easy, but if you’re looking for the best free tank games on PC, here are some great ones:

World of Tanks

One of the best-known tank games is World of Tanks, a fast-paced and fun game with only a hint of reality thrown in. It’s great for casual players who aren’t too bothered with accuracy but also suits more die-hard tank gamers who enjoy the higher levels of unlockable tanks. The best part of the game must be the 250 armoured vehicles from nations including Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, the U.S and China.

The best tank games on PC

War Thunder

This is more intense game, offering the chance to practice master tactics and including an obsessive attention to detail that hardcore tank fans will appreciate. It’s a complex game, with many different tanks and branches to go down, meaning you can invest hours into making your tank. Not for the fast-firing, aim-assist lovers – this game is truer to life with restricted views, decision-making before firing shots and a great deal of tactical thinking. For a real-life tank experience, consider a Tank Driving day with

Armoured Warfare

With the benefits of the accessible gameplay of World of Tanks, Armoured Warfare brings the fight to the modern era. The tanks are better equipped, newer and with a wider range of tech options to make the gameplay more variable. This game also provides the chance to team up with friends against AI foes, allowing you to climb the ranks without losing everything to other players all the time. This live game features regular tank updates and new additions to expand and improve the gameplay.

The best tank games on PC

Steel Armor: Blaze of War

This is a highly detailed game where you get to manage your crew and all the inner workings of the tank to the point where you could almost forget you’re even inside a tank. Taking a unique setting, the Iran-Iraq wars of the 1980s, there is a staggering attention to detail, even though there are only two tanks in the game. For war games fans who are looking for a modern era game and tank veterans – this game is a must.

Battlefield 4

There isn’t much concern about positioning in this game, just a big focus on going super-fast, making soldiers cower behind buildings and blowing helicopters out of the sky! If you’re looking for realistic tanks, this probably isn’t the game for you as the tanks in this game are crazy! It’s all about mayhem, uncontrolled damage and gaining major XP for blowing stuff up. Try Battlefield 5 for a WW2 extravaganza with Panzers and Churchills.