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Can I bathe in the sea while pregnant?

It is too hot on the beach and it is normal that the only thing we want is to take a bath, but will it be dangerous for the baby? At all, in fact, you can take a quiet bath, although you have to be very careful with strong waves so that they do not hit your gut or back area.

You should also avoid getting into the sea when there are jellyfish or have the red flag because of the great waves. Try not to dive too deep because the organs of the fetus may be somewhat damaged since there are some that are not yet fully developed and are somewhat immature, and do not get too far from the seashore.

Remember that cramps during pregnancy are usually quite common, so you should know that you can get the occasional cramp in the water that prevents you from leaving. If you are on the shore, better. Finally, keep in mind that, although you can wear both a swimsuit and a bikini, the best option is always the maternity swimsuit.

If the sunlight is very strong, this can affect the sleep rhythm of the fetus. Of course, remember that it is essential to change several times a day to avoid as much as possible moisture in the genital area because it could favor the appearance of fungi.

Walk on the beach while pregnant

There is no doubt that exercising during pregnancy is very beneficial for both mom and baby, provided there is, of course, no contraindication to do so. Probably one of the most successful options can be, without a doubt, that of walking or walking. This is a good way to relax tensions or to prevent edema and its possible consequences, such as swelling of the legs and feet, constipation or hemorrhoids.

When you walk on the beach alone or with your partner, do it barefoot on the sand, but always by the seashore. Remember that sand is the determining element by which this physical activity is so recommended since this surface is ideal for stimulating the cardiovascular system by having direct effects on circulation and also oxygenation.

When you want to rest, remember that it is best that you sit in one of these folding chairs for which, in addition, you will not have to bend over to sit down and be comfortable. You will not be able to lie down completely, but you will avoid hurting yourself in the back and ducking too much until you reach the towels lying on the floor.

Tips for going to the beach while pregnant

You know that the sea is not dangerous for you or your baby (except contraindications) and taking some precaution and that it is very good during pregnancy to take walks and if it is on the shore of the sea, better!

Although surely you still have some doubts to solve if you are already thinking about your vacation for this summer. We solve all your doubts!

  • When you go to the beach, try to do better early in the morning or at dusk to avoid the hottest hours. But if you go at noon, always stay under your umbrella. Remember that going to the beach in the afternoon helps to avoid the famous dips that many pregnant women often suffer.
  • Use sunscreen always above 30, take a bottle of fresh water with you to avoid dehydration and do not forget to drink very often.
  • Finally, remember that if you go with your other children to the beach and they are still too small, you should not take them in your arms. Ask your partner for help to avoid hurting your back. With the weight of your gut, you already have enough.

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