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Original ideas for your Baby Shower

We love celebrations and  Baby Shower even more. And it is not for less because a Baby Shower is a beautiful celebration to welcome the future baby that will reach the world, but also a “mini-party” that we can turn into fun and originality, but how?

How to celebrate a beautiful and original Baby Shower?

The baby party or the birth party, which is also known by the name of the maternity or prepupa party, although it is of American origin is already in fashion in many countries and among us ours. Ideally, it is friends or family (or all together) who organize the party for the future dad or the future mom. It is clear that the protagonist is the baby, but the surprise is really for them: future parents!

And as in reality a Baby Shower is to the taste of the organizer or organizers this  can be done before or after the baby is born , although it will be much more beautiful and also more comfortable for the future dad or the future mom to celebrate it before the birth, in such a way that can focus their attention on the party itself, on their guests and on all the gifts they are about to receive.

If finally as organizer or organizer of the super event you have decided to do it before pregnancy, keep in mind that you should not extend it too much because from the seventh or eighth month  the baby can come without warning and you would stay (at least for a while) without Celebrate the beautiful baby shower.

It is also not advisable to do it too soon, especially if the sex of the baby is not yet known, because there are many clothes that are either for boys or for girls, so some gifts will have to be changed. Many people may or may not be able to intuit the baby’s sex in advance, but it is not always right! So remember that the best thing, in this case, is going to be to wait …

The most original ideas to make the Baby Shower unforgettable

In this type of celebration, as we already saw, it is best to surprise the future parents of the baby. It does not matter that the celebration is only a maternity party, prepupa or a joint party. The really important thing is in the originality of the party, in the comfort of future parents and guests and in laughter and fun. In fact, to celebrate a Baby Shower and make it unforgettable there are several forms of organization. Pay attention!

It is a good opportunity to change air so if you have the opportunity, why not leave a little home? Surely some friend or relative has a house in the Sierra or in the countryside and it is clear that the future dad or the future mom is not going to smell at all that her Baby Shower can be there. In fact, so you don’t suspect anything, you can organize “one supposed meal among several” with the excuse that you haven’t seen each other for a long time … They will be delighted.

And yes, although a part of the Baby Shower includes a meal or snack it is not exactly the plan that is expected, but you will never forget it. It is a nice touch. Try to set among all the guests or guests a day to enjoy your company as much as possible and spend a beautiful day disconnecting from the city! Ideally, the house of the Sierra has a kind of patio or terrace (especially if the Baby Shower is in summer or spring) so you can have total freedom to decorate it. How?

  • Buy balloons and garlands with small details or letters. It is important to welcome the new family member and what better way to do it with the baby’s name written on a balloon. You can choose one or several shades for balloons, plates, glasses, and trays. It may be the favorite color of the future dad or the future mom and, if you are something more traditional, buy everything pink if it is a girl or all blue if it is a boy. It would be good if you bought it some time in advance in case there is something you don’t find in a store and you have enough time to go to others and find it or find solutions.
  • And don’t forget the centerpiece. This should not be missing in any Baby Shower. In addition, you can do it yourself or order it. It can be of a more neutral style or be directed to the tastes or preferences of the father or mother of the future baby. The centerpieces can be very original, although the most frequent is to see centerpieces with diapers (which will come in handy but very well …) along with other details such as, for example, some little shoes or some soft stuffed animal.
  • The day before or that same day, while some guests decorate, others can go for prepared food. You can also bring each one a homemade thing: tortillas, empanadas, desserts, drinks, etc. There are many things to take but don’t forget to agree and ask what each one drinks and what intolerances or allergies there are, it won’t be …!
  • Does anyone have a camera?  It can be a great day and it is possible that mom or dad want to always remember it. Instant photo cameras are all the rage, so if there is a guest or guest who has one, it is strictly forbidden to leave it forgotten at home. The future mom or the future dad will be delighted and, in addition, you can take pictures with each guest and each gift they have for them.

Sweet or salty?

Although the future dad or the future mom loves the salty, the truth is that, as a general rule, in a Baby Shower what is not usually missing is never sweet. The cakes on many occasions are those chosen by the host or the hostess of the Baby Shower and these usually always carry small children’s details to decorate it.

Although if you consider that there is too much food you can also do without it and prepare something less forceful that you will not splurge … tables for cupcakes and donuts? That’s right, maybe the cake is already too much, but preparing an original table to place several cupcakes and donuts of different flavors can be a great idea.

Cookies and other sweets should not be missing in your Baby Shower. In addition, cookies can be decorated with fondant and have various shapes. For example, there may be cookies in the form of baby shoes, baby bottles, gifts, stuffed animals, etc. Let your imagination fly to the fullest!

And do not forget the final detail. Since neither the mother nor the father knows the super surprise that you are organizing, it should be you, if you wish, who is responsible for the final detail for the guests. They also have the right to receive their gift, right? Of course! A nice memory, in fact, could be small bottles filled with candy. They can be candies, sweets, lacasitos, whatever you prefer … but that, without a doubt, they finish filling the moment of tenderness. Remember that you can deliver these sweets (to choose) in the container you want, although the most common is that they are the bottles because they are the most related to babies.

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