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Products that mothers should use during pregnancy

Is perineal massage effective?

During pregnancy, to reduce perineal trauma and episiotomies (an incision that is made in the perineum of the woman, starting from the posterior corner of the vulva to the anus in order to avoid tearing of the tissues during delivery and facilitate the expulsion of the creature) the most effective is a perineal massage.

What is perineal massage? This type of massage is what you want to stretch and make your tissues more flexible, trying to increase the elasticity of the perineum. In this way, the woman will become familiar with the sensation of stretching, allowing her to relax this area in the face of childbirth. To perform this perineal massage, some products such as Weleda prenatal massage oil are recommended.

It should be remembered that at the time of delivery, the skin of the perineum must adapt to strong tensions. In fact, in the childbirth preparation classes, both gynecologists and midwives in consultation increasingly recommend them because perineal massage has become a very favorite type of massage that helps give tissue flexibility and also increases the possibility of having a birth if episiotomy.

Of the oil that we speak specifically, it can be said that it has been specifically developed to come into contact with the intimate area. With sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil and natural essential oils become the best ally for your perineal area. The perineum is the part of the body that gives rise to the pelvic floor and where the anus and external genital organs are located.

Perineal massage should be performed for at least five weeks before delivery on a regular basis and for 5-7 minutes it will be sufficient to reduce the possibility of tears and episiotomies.

Goodbye to stretch marks, but how?

Probably one of the biggest concerns during pregnancy for many women is the appearance of stretch marks, which occur mainly because the connective tissue becomes laxer so that the skin can dilate and adapt to the growth of the baby.

What happens, therefore, is that inside the tissue the liquid part increases at the same time as the surface of the skin becomes drier. Collagen fibers are under heavy pressure, especially in the gut area due to the increase in the size of the baby. If these are not elastic enough, they break. After that appear what is known as stretch marks.

Luckily, to prepare the collagen fibers so that they do not break, it is completely necessary to hydrate the skin enough, but also provide nutrients that strengthen and increase the elasticity of the fibers.

The massage oil for stretch marks from Weleda is formulated with mild organic almond oil and organic extracts of arnica, but to be 100% effective it is essential that it be used daily, both in the morning and at night and from the beginning of the pregnancy.

During the last month, it is best to apply it three times a day. It is advisable to accompany it with a massage of the abdomen, breasts and buttocks/legs to favor the absorption of nutrients.

What about the itching?

Itching or pruritus is a frequent symptom in pregnancy. It may not be of any importance and is normally due to dry skin or tightness caused by stretching of the skin of the pregnancy.

However, it is essential to rule out the manifestation of a disease that requires a medical diagnosis, or even because of the worsening during the gestation of dermatological conditions such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis.

If during pregnancy, the woman suffers itching, what is recommended is the application of topical antipruritic drugs such as calamine lotion or refreshing baths with oatmeal. Orally, and always under medical prescription, sedative effects may be useful.

However, you should consult your doctor before taking any antihistamine because not everyone is fit during pregnancy. Here are, however, some tips to relieve itching depending on what type they are:

  • Generalized itching without injuries. In case of feeling generalized itching that becomes more severe at night.
  • Intense itching with injuries. When there is severe itching, but there are also skin lesions it may be due to a polymorphic rash of pregnancy. This usually appears during the third trimester and is associated with plaques and papules associated with severe hives such as hives.

Ideally, therefore, to control itching is:

  1. Keep the skin hydrated and drink at least a liter and a half of water a day
  2. 2. Use linen or cotton fabrics
  3. Avoid hot showers
  4. Do not scratch and always keep your nails short

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