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Symptoms hours before delivery

How does it all start?

Childbirth is one of the things that will worry women the most, especially during the third trimester of pregnancy, but how does it all start?

  • The loss of the mucous plug: it is the loss of a brown or pink substance that indicates that the mucus plug that has sealed the cervix during pregnancy has detached before the imminence of childbirth.
  • Breaking water: sometimes the amniotic sac is broken before the birth begins, and the fluid gradually comes out or squirting through the vagina. It does not produce pain, but if you breakwater you have to put on a compress.
  • The onset of contractions: at first it is an acute pain like a kind of cramp in the lower abdomen or back that lasts a few seconds. If they occur regularly, that is, every ten or fifteen minutes, it means that you are already in labor.

You have to stay active, but when should you go to the hospital?

When the pregnant woman realizes that she is in labor, her first reaction is usually to run to the hospital. However, this should try to avoid temptation since the most important thing for a mother in the first stage of childbirth is to stay active. Walking, for example, helps a lot to make the birth run its course. The best thing, in that case, is to do things at home as long as you can and always try to remain calm. In case you have a contraction, you must stop and breathe deeply. If it has already broken waters, you should avoid taking a bath unless the midwife has advised you, and eats and drinks often, but always in small quantities.

Once it is believed that the birth has started, you have to call the hospital, but you have to try to stay at home (unless the hospital is too far away) until the contractions come every five or ten minutes and they last around About a minute. Call the couple to arrive as soon as possible, but if it is not or can not take any more, you will have to ask for a taxi or call an ambulance. You must not drive.

What to do when one arrives at the hospital?

Once you arrive at the hospital, the pregnant woman will be assigned a midwife, who will also be the one who checks the dilation of the cervix and also who will listen to your baby’s heartbeat. You will repeat these checks also during delivery. And remember that you will only be close to the monitors when you have to check the heartbeat of babies because then you can continue walking without a problem.

Finally, to control the contractions, it will be necessary to take into account that there are different ways of mitigating labor pains, but it can be agreed with the midwife. Childbirth will be favored if the pregnant woman stays upright as much as possible since the contractions are always in favor (and not against) of gravity. The most advisable thing is to stand or squat, leaning against the couple so that, in this way, you can control the pain by also providing you with warm and affectionate security.

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