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What to do if I am pregnant with twins?

Twins are those babies born from the fertilization of a single egg that is divided into ten embryos over the course of ten days and is also a phenomenon that occurs with a similar frequency worldwide: in four out of every thousand couples. But yes, we must take better care of ourselves and, we could say, perhaps, that we must take care twice as much.

As the delivery usually goes ahead or it is even possible that certain complications arise that require rest, the most convenient thing is to organize the things of both babies with more advanced than, for example, if we were before a normal delivery and only one baby were to be had. It is good to have prepared several weeks before giving birth to baby clothes, the stroller, etc.

When contractions appear ahead of time, which is also usually very common in multiple pregnancies or, conversely, the volume of the belly of the future mother begins to hinder the usual tasks it is advisable to rest. That is also why doctors usually recommend maternity leave from the second half of pregnancy.

Maternity leave in twin pregnancy

It is important to know that the Law recognizes the leave for maternal leave of sixteen weeks that is extended in two for each child in case of multiple births, that is, 18 days if they are twins, 20 if they are triplets, etc.

The father, however, has the same permission regardless of whether they are one or more babies, which was extended, in addition, in April 2019 to eight weeks. The birth of more than one baby also entitles some extra help and also have more time to care for both babies.

One of them is the maternity financial benefit that, in the case of multiple pregnancies, in addition to the allowance that the mother receives per child (100% of the regulatory base) will receive a special allowance for each child from the second (during six weeks after delivery).

In relation to breastfeeding leave, it is necessary to know that the pregnant woman may be absent from work for one hour or reduce her half-hour workday per child born. You can also accumulate the period of breastfeeding in full days. However, everything will also depend on the autonomous communities that also add some of the aid granted by the State.

For health professionals, the idea is that the future mother who is going to give birth to twins be taken off due to maternity from the 24th or 26th week of gestation.

Double care

Probably, the future mom is already aware of it, but it is important to remember it. A normal delivery usually lasts between 40 and 42 weeks of gestation, except for cases of premature births.

However, the ideal time for a twin pregnancy to end is around 38 weeks of gestation and yes, as any other pregnant woman should take care of herself and a lot of food.

The dietary guidelines, in this case, are quite similar to those of a single baby, although with a small difference, and the need for both calories and nutrients must be greater.

For example, it is the case of calcium and folic acid, which also acquires special importance in twin pregnancy, but why?

Well, simply because all those women who expect several babies will need between approximately 1,600 and 2,000 milligrams of calcium daily. It will also be necessary to increase the intake of proteins such as vitamin C, D, and iron. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products are essential.

By supporting large body weight, the woman will have to rest a lot. The weight is double, and as there is an increased risk of diabetes and hypertension, you should also take great care of the diet.

In addition, during a twin pregnancy, the weight will be very important due mainly to the fact that excess fat facilitates the appearance of other disorders, and although it can be gained more than in a single pregnancy, care must be taken.

The gynecologist can help control it, but it is also necessary for the mother to take appropriate measures. As a general rule, pregnant women should consume 300 more calories per baby, rest properly and try to make frequent, but not abundant, meals as much as possible.

And yes, we will also have to go more to the gynecologist, and the truth is that the twin pregnancy has some more particularity because medical checks increase, that is, that both controls and visits and ultrasound are more frequent.

Some experts believe that twin pregnancy will require an ultrasound check every four weeks or every two weeks if babies share a placenta.

If the pregnancy progresses without complications, the same number of analytics will be performed as in normal pregnancy, but, yes, the third trimester will always be done before week 38, since it is the ideal week to give birth to twins.

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