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What is the best gift for a baby shower?

There is no doubt that, in addition to being a very sweet and emotional celebration, it is also the perfect occasion to give the future mom or the future dad some of the most necessary things for when her baby is born and especially during the first months of life.

Original baby shower gifts to give to future parents

The Baby Shower party is a party of Anglo-Saxon origin, although similar celebrations can be found in many cultures for thousands of years. It is currently very fashionable in our country and is, in fact, an increasingly frequent celebration, since, after all, it is nothing more than an excuse to have a good time with the future dad or the future Mom, celebrate the birth of the baby and give the gifts they need for when the baby is born.

  • Drain. Although it may seem like a small thing as a gift in a Baby Shower, the truth is that now the squeegee is very fashionable, especially those that are shaped like grass. Some, in addition, include a kind of flower of different colors “that decorates that kind of garden” and that serves to leave the smallest objects such as, for example, pacifiers or teats. The turntable in the form of grass that is so fashionable is very, very practical to place all the bottles and pacifiers that are used daily.
  • Pacifiers. Custom pacifiers? You have read it well and it is that few are the moms who do not already have a pacifier stored before the arrival of the baby because it is also a very sweet gift to give him the day of the Baby Shower. You have them in different colors and they carry all the letters that form the name of your baby.
  • Diaper cakes. It is the simulation of a cake with diapers for babies, which usually has an abundant amount of both diapers and floors and can also add different accessories as a gift for the future baby. It was this gift that began to be given to the father or mother as a gift becoming one of the most purchased for newborns and also the best received by future parents.
  • Layers of bath, blankets or sheets. Both bath sheets and blankets or bedding sets can be other great gifts for a Baby Shower. In addition, there are different sizes and colors depending on whether we want, for example, the sheets are for the cradle or crib. You can have these items in plain colors because they are somewhat neutral or with striped prints, pictures, flowers, etc. Ideally, always choose natural and, if possible, organic fabrics that take care of your baby’s skin. All of them, in addition, should be breathable.
  • Signature albums or books. A nice detail that you can have among all (in addition to each one take your gift) could be a signature book of Baby Shower and that among all you put some photo also with the future mother before being pregnant or already with her beautiful tripita. You can also choose to give him an album. They are very fashionable and are ideal to remember, for example, the first year of the baby’s life. From before birth and until her first birthday, the mother will be able to paste the photos she chooses into the album. Time flies by and good memories must always be kept!

When to deliver gifts in a Baby Shower?

It is true that currently, the tendency is for anyone to organize a Baby Shower, although it is best that it is a friend or relative who does it. This should first of all welcome each and every one of the guests and also indicate where the gifts they have brought should be placed. The most advisable thing is that it is the same host or hostess who offers something to drink or eat to all the guests. Keep in mind that this whole welcome process will not only be in good taste but will also create a warm atmosphere among all.

And finally the gifts. As a general rule, these should occur after the “deserving” that has been organized, although this will also depend on the taste of each. It is important that the guests pay attention at the time the gifts are being distributed, and follow a more or less adequate order so that the future mother is not saturated with so much gift and thanks. Also, the beauty of a type of celebration like this is that everyone sees how mom opens all her little gifts.

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