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When is it recommended to celebrate the Baby Shower?

Do you know what a baby shower is? Do you know how fun it can be? In this article, you will discover what it is, but also when it is more appropriate to celebrate an event like this so that the mom or dad feels relaxed and calm that they can fully enjoy a party as sweet and pleasant as the Baby Shower is.

What is a baby shower?

The Baby Shower is the maternity or prepupa party. The origin of this party is American and is celebrated for the recent or future arrival of the baby who is on the way giving gifts to mom or dad at a party. The etymology of  “Baby Shower” comes to say that the pregnant woman is “presented” or “bathed” in gifts because “shower” means to present, show or fill, among others.

And, although traditionally a baby shower was celebrated only for the family and the original purpose of this children’s party was actually for women to share their wisdom, and the essential and necessary lessons to face a motherhood, today it is rather an excuse to make a party for the pregnant woman on the occasion of  celebrating the birth with loved ones, and to have a fun time with the future mom, with the future dad or with both, right? Eating something, playing games and receiving gifts is something that nobody can refuse, right? It is true, however, that although it is really a party for girls, in reality, each person can celebrate it as they want and with whoever they want. In fact, a party can be made only for the father, only for the mother, or that the mother and father and male friends are also included in the mothers.

When is it better to have a baby shower?

Although the Baby Shower can be performed at any time during pregnancy, it is advised that it be organized better between the 22nd and 35th week, which runs from the fifth to the eighth month of pregnancy. For the mother, however, the best time to organize a Baby Shower will be around the fifth or sixth month, which could be considered as the ideal period for her and to celebrate this type of party mainly because the mother usually already You will not feel those dizziness or nausea of ​​the first months. Nor will you still feel too heavy or very tired or with swollen feet so you will be much more comfortable.

In the event that the  Baby Shower is for the father , the date will give something more the same as in the case of the mother because he is not the one who carries the baby inside, although it will be much more advisable not to wait until almost the end because babies arrive when they arrive and, although the doctor can always indicate to the mother an approximate date on which she will leave accounts, this is not always the right one. In fact, there are very few babies born on the day that their mother is told that she will go out of the account. Only about 5% of women give birth on the expected delivery date and, in addition, according to a study published in the journal Human Reproduction “the expected delivery date could vary within a range of up to five weeks.”

Why is it not advisable to organize a Baby Shower until week 22?

Before celebrating a Baby Shower, it is best to wait until the mother has already had an ultrasound scan of the 20th week in which they will indicate if everything is going well, and that the fetus grows without problems inside. In addition, this week the sex of the baby will also be safe  (as long as the father and mother want to know, of course), something important especially also to focus the children’s party more on a boy or a girl. The ultrasound of week 20 is the second official ultrasound of pregnancy that serves to assess the morphology of the fetus and to check the development of all its organs, so it will be better to wait, although probably everything is going well.

What happens in week 22? Normally what happens around this week is that the future mom begins to notice the contractions of Braxton Hicks, but nothing happens, especially because it is an irregular and painless that will be noticed in the lower part of the belly. At first, it is normal for the future mother to worry, but since it is something normal there is no reason to be alarmed. It will be necessary to be as relaxed as possible because it is the best stage to enjoy a beautiful Baby Shower.

And it should not be (or is not recommended) to perform a Baby Shower after week 35 since in the last weeks the mother will be much more tired than usual and will also feel somewhat heavier. In addition, it is also possible that the delivery can be advanced, that the baby is born early and that you are without a party…

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